Saturday, May 9, 2009


Monjayaki is Kanto's answer to Okonomiyaki. With a slightly more liquid consistency to Okonomiyaki, the savory pancake with finely chopped cabbage and various toppings is cooked on a hotplate in front of customers.


Tsukishima, Tokyo, (~1km east of Ginza) is home to arguably the largest concentration of Monjayaki restaurants in Japan, with 70 restaurants located around the Tsukishima shopping street, aptly named "Monja Street".


DIY Monjayaki kits and unique souvenirs can be found in the speciality stores.

Express your affection for Monjayaki with a souvenir T-shirt.

Access: Tsukishima Station is located on the Toei Oedo and Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Lines. Leave from Station Exit 7 and walk straight ahead to find "Monja Dori" (Street). Street View here.


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