Thursday, May 21, 2009

Zero Key Money Apartments in Tokyo?

Is it possible to rent an apartment in Tokyo without burning a hole in your pocket?

Key money (Reikin) has historically been an unpleasant, yet unavoidable part of the rental process - almost like a dental appointment.

In the Tokyo area, the standard Key money fee is 2 months rent (in the Kansai area it can be higher). This non-refundable payment to the landlord can be difficult to part with, but no more....!

Lately we are seeing more and more apartments in Tokyo offering zero key money and free rent campaigns for contracts started before a certain date.

Finding an apartment with zero key money and low deposit can reduce the upfront costs to renting an apartment in Tokyo.

We have a wide selection of Tokyo apartments offering zero key money and low deposits and would love to introduce them to you. You can search here or send us an inquiry here.

Good news for apartment-seekers, bad news for landlords!

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